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The following are the cable lengths of the sensors maintained by the BLM RAWS Depot. Please configure your sensors to meet these lengths in order to keep the Depot contract cost to a minimum.

35 feet
29 feet
Solar Rad
12 feet
12 feet
10 feet
7.2 feet
Rain Gauge
15 feet
11.7 feet
10 feet
10.2 feet
12 feet
8 feet
Solar Panel
15 feet
12 feet

Click on the link below to view suggested placement of sensors on a typical 403 tower.



Custom Cables

For those stations that require longer cable lengths for nonstandard sensor placement the RSFWSU Depot can fabricate cable extensions. Purchase of cable and connectors to fabricate extensions are the responsibility of the station owner.


For applications where a longer single length of cable is more practical the RSFWSU Depot can attach a longer length of cable to a sensor. Again, purchase of the cable is the responsibility of the station owner. Please note that sensors with custom lengths must either be removed from the station and returned to the Depot each time the sensor is due for calibration, or another length of cable must be purchased by the station owner and drop shipped to the Depot to be attached to another refurbished sensor.


Sensors requiring longer cable lengths or the fabrication of extender cables may exceed the 10 day maximum shipping from RSFWSU.


For questions on custom cables or for part number information to purchase the required materials please contact the RAWS Help Desk.