NIFC INCIDENT Remote Automatic Weather Stations (IRAWS #5869) are portable weather stations that provide real time weather data that packs into two containers and monitors winds at the six-foot level.

IRAWS are intended for use on or near the fireline and are rapidly relocated to points desired by Fire Behavior Analysts (FBA’s) or Incident Meteorologist (IMET) for real time weather data.

Currently, 50 systems are cached at NIFC/RAWS for use during the 2011 season.  Prescribed Fire managers are encouraged to call for information pertaining to weather window prescriptions.

IRAWS collect, store, and forward data in various communication methods.  Interrogated voice has new data available every ten minutes.  Automatic “warning” levels can be set in conjunction with local conditions.  IRAWS will continually monitor these conditions and automatically broadcast warnings when these thresholds are met, (RED FLAG warnings).  Hourly satellite data is available to Fire Weather Forecasting Staff for spot forecasts and fire support from all central locations (GACC’S, NIFC, etc.).  Satellite data can be retrieved by the entire user community from the BLM/NIFC website.

Sensors on IRAWS are calibrated after each use.  These sensors monitor:

Fire Managers, FBA’s and IMET’s use RAWS weather data to predict fire behavior, prescription times, fire weather forecasting, canyon, and ridge top winds.

For further information or ordering procedures on the IRAWS units, please contact the Remote Sensing/Fire Weather Support Unit at (208) 387-5726 or Cell (208) 501-4318.

Click here for a copy of the IRAWS handout including ordering procedures.