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Standards And Guidelines



Weekly Noncompliance Report


The Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS) listed in the noncompliance report are overdue for annual service based on current WFMI information. These stations may be transmitting accurate meteorological data, but do not meet Fire Weather Station Standards for maintenance. Use of data from these stations to support critical fire-fighting decisions is not recommended. This report will be released on a weekly basis. For assistance with WFMI data entry or other RAWS maintenance issues, contact RAWS Help Desk or your agency RAWS program manager. Note: this document is in an excel format (XLS) and requires the Microsoft excel Viewer to read this report.



WFMI Station Event Report Guide


The WFMI Station Event Report is automatically generated every Monday and is emailed by WFMI Weather to the address listed in the RAWS station record "Event Email Address" field. This report is distributed weekly for each station defined in WFMI that logs at least one event in the past week. While some events may be informational such as a change to the station metadata, there are other events that flag errors or problems with a station and may require some type of response from the technician in the field. Use this reference guide to interpret the events commonly listed in the WFMI Station Event Report. Note: this document is in a Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view.



NWCG Interagency Wildland Fire Weather Station Standards & Guidelines - October 2014


In 2000, the Fire Weather Working Team (FWWT) and the Fire Danger Working Team (FDWT), both chartered by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), asked an interagency group to develop NFDRS weather station standards for the NFDRS update. Those standards were finalized and approved by the NWCG in the fall of 2000 for publication as a PMS document. Since publication of the original document, there have been several revisions. Note: this document is in a Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view.


NFDRS Weather Station Standards Revision Process:

Comments regarding this publication may be directed to: Bryan Henry