Smoke particulate monitoring kits are available through the normal resource ordering process for wildland fire and other all-risk incidents. Currently 15 kits are held at the Great Basin Cache with maintenance and technical support provided by the Remote Sensing/Fire Weather Support Unit (RSFWSU) at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, ID.

The kitís principal system is the MetOne E-Sampler, which provides real-time measurements of fine particulate matter (PM2.5). The E-Sampler is a battery operated instrument and can run on an internal battery, an external battery, or AC power via the universal power supply. While the E-Sampler will collect data by battery (convenient in remote locations), hourly data transmission via the GOES system requires AC power for the modem. Satellite data can be retrieved from the Western Regional Climate Center website.

The kit is checked for functionality before and after each deployment, and is recalibrated at the end of each year. Kit components include:

Fire managers, Safety officers and Air quality specialists can use smoke data to evaluate current and historical smoke levels, as well as assist in making appropriate decisions to recognize and mitigate the impacts of smoke exposure.

NWCG Memorandum #006-2012 is available to address:


Quick Sheet for E-Sampler GOES Kit

Smoke Monitor Assembly Instructions

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Information and Ordering Guidelines for Smoke Monitoring Kit (NFES 5840)

NWCG Memorandum #006-2012

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