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RVT FTS Radio Voice Transmitter

Radio Voice Transmitter RVT Back View

Noun Transmitter, Radio Voice (FTS)
Model# See Notes
Application FTS
Calibration Cycle As Needed/Per Manufacturers Specifications
Notes The RVT comes in a number of different configurations depending on the type of system used, radio manufacturer, and the radio mounting location. Refer to configuration table below to see the complete list of RVTs available.

Rotating# Type Radio Mount
39198 RVT Quick Deploy w/King radio Internal
39089 RVT with ICOM radio Internal
39071 RVT-KING-DSP-C Internal
38075 RVT-King-TLM-C Internal
39254 RVT-King-TLM-E External
38297 RVT-PCS-DSP Internal
39255 RVT-QD2-Racal-E External
39227 RVT-QD-ICOM-DSP Internal
39228 RVT-QD-PCS-DSP Internal
39236 RVT-QD-RACAL-DSP Internal