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20watt Solar Panels


If you are on a RSFWSU Depot contract and ordering a solar panel for the first time on WFMI or if you are upgrading the solar panel on your station; please contact the RAWS Help Desk to ensure the panel you are ordering is the correct type for your RAWS station. Before calling the Help Desk please have the following information available on your station:

  1. Portable or Permanent station?
  2. If permanent station does it use a Standard or Rohn type tower?
  3. Type of connector used on the solar panel (spade leads, canon plug, Deutsch connector)?
  4. Type of bracket is used to mount the panel to your station?
  5. Dimensions of the panel (HxW)

20 watt Solar Panel 20 watt Solar Panel SP Connectors - Click For Larger Image

Noun Solar Panel 20 Watt Unregulated
Model# SP-20Watt
Rotating# See "Applications"
Calibration Cycle As Needed/Per Manufacturers Specifications
38270 Solar Panel 20 Watt Unregulated (VAI) for full station
39277 Solar Panel 20 Watt Unreg (VAI) for portables
38269 Solar Panel (20 Watt FTS) Power Up or Solarex with spade leads to go to voltage regulator
39240 Solar Panel for F6 (20 Watt FTS)
39108 Solar Panel 20 Watt Regulated (Vaisala) Used with 555C - has straight mounting bracket
39162 Solar Panel, Regulated for IWOS (Vaisala) - QMP225
39286 Solar Panel for PCS-QD w/ gray Deutsh conn.(FTS)
39209 Solar Panel for QD w/ gray Deutsh conn. - QD-20W-Power (FTS)
BP/Solorex 16 ½" x 19 ¾"
Shell/Siemans 29 ½" x 13"
SPS Energy 27" x 13 ½"